Down To Earth by Gentleman’s Dub Club

Release date: March 19, 2021
Label: Easy Star Records

With a whole host of acclaimed albums under their belts, Gentleman’s Dub Club have built up a reputation as a formidable unit when it comes to UK dub and reggae, and now they return with their latest album Down To Earth. With things having changed so drastically over the past year, Gentleman’s Dub Club knuckled down to create this latest album and it is a celebration of sounds that makes the group rise above any negativity and is the sound of Gentleman’s Dub Club reclaiming  positivity over the face of adversity.

The hazy and hopeful ‘Castle In The Sky’ kicks the album off with a whole host of dense rhythms and from then on in, this is a journey into what makes Gentleman’s Dub Club exactly what they are and it is a journey that takes in a whole host of highs.

From the upbeat energy of the album’s title track and the blissful ‘Sunshine Revolution’ to the smooth beats of ‘Moonlight Dreams’ and ‘More Than Memories’ and the irresistible groove of ‘Sugar Rush’, its an album that resonates positivity.

Guesting on the album are the wonderful Hollie Cook, on the sublime groove of ‘Honey’ and Bristols Gardna, who adds his flow to the energetic dub of ‘Night Shift’ and both of these artists add their own mark onto Down To Earth and complement Gentleman’s Dub Club with ease.

Down To Earth concludes perfectly with the aptly titled ‘Smile’, an anthem for positive thinking that exudes a halogen feeling with its “If you just smile, then the whole wide world will smile with you” chorus is positivity incarnate and this kind of thinking is just what we need to hear with the way things are currently. The album ends with the crucial dub of ‘Last Chance’, and that closes things out with a triumphant and thoughtful feel.

With all the change the entire world has endured and all the stress, doom and gloom that has entailed, it is definitely refreshing to hear an album so full of the positive vibes and positive thoughts that this record has.

With Down To Earth, Gentleman’s Dub Club have created an album that sounds like a soundtrack for hope and with a new summer rapidly approaching, one that promises a return to some sort of normality, this is exactly what we need and Down To Earth will form part of the soundtrack to it, the sound of gigs and festivals returning and people dancing again to these blissful reggae vibes, making everyone smile a little bit more and we certainly need that.

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