EP (Love/Fracture) by C. Diab

Release date: March 26, 2021
Label: Injazero Records

You never know where your inspiration will come from. Usually, it is the places and things you don’t expect to change your perception. Nor do you know what to expect when you receive a musical offering that just says – C. Diab, In Love & Fracture. Maybe the naming process was supposed to be a surprise itself, as it actually turned out to be. After all, it is an ‘EP’ that runs for some 33 minutes, and should actually represent something else. So what’s going on here?

Behind the brief artist billing lies C. (Caton) Diab, bowed guitarist and sound collagist from Vancouver. According to his story, “three years ago, while walking down the street in the summer, I came across an abandoned cassette on the sidewalk called, Zen: Katsuya Yokoyama Plays Classical Shakuhachi Masterworks.”

It turns out that Diab was inspired not only by the music found on the cassette – “a perfect mood-setter for reading; not intrusive, but not absent” but the medium the music was presented on, hence the split two-track billing. Somehow, it fits perfectly into the seeming resurrection of cassette tapes in current times.

But with all the explanations, it is the two elongated tracks Diab presents here that really shine. He is obviously somebody who has worked in the drone/music collage field, as on both tracks he is able to easily overcome one of the key hurdles in a drone – giving the music a natural flow and pace that will engage the listener throughout the presented musical experience.

Diab does that by introducing his collage capabilities coming up with something he describes as  “post-classical-grunge” and “Cascadian folk music,”  and frankly, that is exactly how both ‘Love’ and ‘Fracture’ sound.

Actually, if you need to describe this music you can combine the two titles that compose this EP – love for fracture.

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