Time to Die by Christine Ott

Release date: April 9, 2021
Label: Gizeh Records

French composer, multi-instrumentalist Christine Ott has already established herself as one of those artists that don’t shy away from combining musical genres to fit her specific theme and vision. At the same time, she has proven her ability to include in such a process, some instruments that might not be so familiar with a wider audience, like Ondes Martenot, and Monotron. So far, with such a dual approach, she has come up with some widely inventive and engaging music.

On, Time to Die, her latest release, Ott applies the same principles. And what is the same again is that she is able to fit her set theme with some brilliant music, as if it was something that can be done with ease. 

As she puts it, Time To Die is “a musical fresco in eight chapters, a sensory journey between the world of the living and the dead.” To paint the musical picture of these ‘eight chapters,’ Ott waves between contemporary classical music (‘Brumes’)  and electro-acoustic music with the use of seemingly disparate instrumentation (‘Time to Die’).

But then, Ott is able to express herself perfectly with her harp playing and various percussive instruments, all foiled with additional effects and processing, among other instrumentation by Mathieu Gabry, her collaborator here.

Throughout, Ott is able to musically move ‘between the world of the living and the dead’ with fully explored ideas that present the picture she is trying to create in exactly the manner she wanted.

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