Apparitionata by Dead Coyote

Release date: February 13, 2021
Label: Self-Released

How’s this for a concept: “…a cyclical tale of a foolish ghost with a broken heart…” Ok, so maybe you’ve heard a similar one, but what about the one who likes to dance, a more modern dance, that is?

If this still reminds you of those ever-popular horror rock musicals like Rocky Horror Picture Show, Phantom of the Paradise, and Little Shop of Horrors, you are certainly on the right track with Portland quartet Dead Coyote and their EP Apparitionata.


Zach Retzl and his crew certainly pay homage to any and all of the above film-faves, but try to add a bit more of a modern sheen to the mini-rock opera proceedings they come up with here. Essentially they keep that classical/Danny Elfman soundtrack combination as seen through the eyes of Billy Idol who has listened to a hefty dose of current electronica.

It all sounds like some form of campy goth dance music, and that is probably exactly the effect Retzl and the band wanted to make. To some, such a description might sound like horror itself, but still, Dead Coyote makes it work somehow. And then, doesn’t the popularity of such a concept in the above-mentioned movies tell you something?

Luckily for Dead Coyote, they stuck to their concept and pulled through it with ease. And they certainly have a ready audience for such a concept.

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