One Life (Four Remixes) by Malibu

Release date: April 2, 2021
Label: UNO NYC

You just don’t get names like Juliana Barwick and John Beltran to appear on your remix EP out of thin air, or because you don’t have some serious credibility behind you. French producer/vocalist Malibu obviously has done something quite right both to get noticed and to gain that credibility. And One Life, her latest EP with four remixes by Barwick, Beltran as well as Evian Christ, and Kelly Moran prove it.

Malibu, who has a conservatory background in music theory and piano, first cropped up on Mono No Aware, a cult compilation from 2017. Two years later, Juliana Barwick commissioned her album One Life when Barwick was Joyful Noise label’s curator series in 2019, which gained her the reputation as a ‘maverick producer.’


No wonder, since by judging by this EP, Malibu is Barwick’s kindred spirit. You can hear and feel that in Barwick’s remix of Nana,’ but also Beltran’s version of Camargue’. On both Malibu’s multi-tracked vocals take the main role and shimmer like a full-on ambient version of Beach Boys’ Wind Chimes‘.

Moran gives Lost At Sea an excellent ambient/neoclassical feel, with Malibu showing that she studies piano at a conservatory for a good reason. Evan Christ’s remix of One Life takes on an even more classical feel with strings and subtle vocal harmonies that sound like night shadows, and then switches to a loud EDM midway through.

If all this brings in dream-like ideas, it should. After all, Malibu says that she often uses her own dreams as a catalyst to composing. And on the evidence of this EP, Malibu can turn her dreams into quite real music.

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