In This Place by Thorin Loeks

Release date: March 20, 2021
Label: Self-Released

If you are a male Canadian singer/songwriter, there are always some very big shoes you need to fit. You don’t have to go further than the likes of Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, or Gordon Lightfoot. Actually, it is the last name that first comes to mind when you first hear vocals of Yukon Territory’s Thorin Loeks on his latest album In This Place. They have that weathered, wavering quality, that just keeps the listener’s ears open to his music and what he has to say.


But when you say weathered, it just might be no coincidence. Loeks has bicycled and canoed over 15000 km across North America with a guitar on his back. And you do get that sense of nature all around in songs like ‘Open Sky’ or the title track.

No, musically Loeks does not complicate things, but when you base your music mainly on your vocals and acoustic guitar, your songwriting and arranging skills (knowing where your songs need additional instrumental embellishments) really have to shine. And Loeks shines at both. ‘Ice Age’ is a prime example of how to arrange a singer/songwriter track properly.

Looks originally released this album in September 2020, but decided to give it another run in March 2021. And frankly, there are really good reasons to do that, as In This Place is a prime example of a high-quality singer/songwriter album. Hopefully, it will make a bigger splash this time around.

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