Every Clouds Call Our Name by Ueda Takayasu

Release date: March 26, 2021
Label: Phantom Limb Recordings

Electronic music seems to have an element of universal language. It is often not easy to discern where a certain release in the genre comes from. Still, there are certain strands you can identify and say, it originated in Germany, England, the US, Japan, or elsewhere. But what happens when an artist spends a big chunk of his life outside his native borders? Does he pick up on these strands exclusively, or does he come up with something quite specific and unique?

Ueda Takayasu, was born in Japan, lives there now, but spent a good chunk of his life in Austria and Germany. This life path might have brought him some personal issues, but on the evidence of Every Clouds Call Our Name, has also enabled him to come up with some quite unique electronic music.

The two elongated tracks here sound very personal, as if Takayasu is baring his soul, and can in many ways be compared to more experimental electronic composers from Alvin Lucier and Morton Feldman, to Jim O’Rourke, who you can call a Japanese connection these days.

But while for some listeners, the named composers might be too avant-garde (Lucier, Feldman) or at times too much on the fringe (O’Rourke), Takayasu’s ‘quiet noise’ approach has quite a general appeal that can attract even those listeners that usually shy away from experimental electronics.

As Takayasu says himself, “We all see clouds every day, but we don’t think about them too much. The clouds may be telling us something, or they may not be telling us anything.” And yes, the album has those clouds shifting round at different speed levels feel that is both fascinating and exhilarating at the same time.

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