Ghost by Adrien Casalis

Release date: April 30, 2021
Label: piano and coffee records

There are no ifs or buts about it, when a certain type of music fits you in any given way, you go for it and overlook any possible missteps that might be there. You simply turn a blind eye (or ear in this case) and enjoy.

That is probably one of the things where the appeal of solo piano music lies. You just go for it, or you don’t. But if that is something that fits you, Ghost, the new EP by French composer Adrien Casalis will simply fit, just like a (silk) glove.

Casalis is, as his press blurb goes, a French composer for film, contemporary dance, and advertising. In 2017, he wrote the soundtrack for First Love, series directed by Anthony Jorge and Jonathan Cohen, and a couple of years later, he worked closely with fashion company Givenchy on several commercials. During these years, he also composed contemporary dance pieces for various choreographers all around the world. In addition, he is the person behind VIMALA, an electronic music project encompassing songwriting, experimentation, and elements from dance music.

On Ghost he more or less does what the title of the EP implies. He presents, in a brief soundtrack style, “a love story between a phantom and a living man.” With his experience writing music for soundtracks, Casalis has absolutely no problems in bringing about that haunting quality to his music. He does it by mostly embellishing his piano playing by subtle echo and subdued electronic embellishments. Here and there, like on ‘Old Memories,’ he just brings a full-on string-sounding electronics.

And yes, he strikes the right sentiment throughout, bringing in that feeling of interaction between living beings and the apparitions they might feel.

So, what about the possible missteps? Well, Casalis could have made Ghost a bit longer. But then, you can always play it over a few more times.

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