Interview: Baest

We recorded the whole thing live to give the listener the full Baest live experience - which is really what we are all about actually.

Baest have just released their latest album Necro Sapiens and sees the Danish death metallers follow up their previous albums Danse Macabre and Venenum with more deadly blasts of metal. Gavin Brown had a chat with the band to hear all about Necro Sapiens as well as metal in Denmark, favourite death metal albums, winning awards and hopefully hitting the road with Phil Anselmo and The Illegals.

E&D: Your new album Necro Sapiens is out now. How did the creation and recording of the album go?   

Baest: We started writing the album back in December (2020) and as all of our plans for the remainder of the year slowly got cancelled, we just put all our energy into writing and being ready to record. We hit the studio in October and we spent a week recording it. This was the first time in our career that we had the whole album written before we entered the studio, so it was a really really good experience for us, and we just recorded and had fun instead of having to come up with things on the spot and being stressed. We recorded the whole thing live to give the listener the full Baest live experience – which is really what we are all about actually.

E&D: What is it a challenging experience making the album during a global pandemic?

Baest: Actually it was a lot less stressful to make this, since all of our plans for the remainder of the year were cancelled. 

E&D: What are the biggest influences on the sound of Baest and this album?

Baest: We listened to a lot of Heartwork by Carcass before writing this album. We also show our love for Dismember, Opeth and Immortal to be fair. But we write from the heart and for the purpose of it being fun to play!

E&D: Tracks on the album like ‘Towers Of Suffocation’, ‘Abbatoir’ and ‘Meathook Massacre’ sound monstrous. Do you think that this is your heaviest album yet and was that your intention with the album?

Baest: We are in a place in our career, where we felt we needed to take a step forward and make a statement. It is pretty much our most rock n roll album so far. Maybe because of the way we recorded it or, the way we feel at the moment. We could not be more satisfied with the result actually. 

E&D: Do you think that the album follow in the same lineage as your first two albums, Danse Macabre and Venenum?

Baest: Yes. It is still Baest – if not even more. But we love to evolve and we are always going to write what feels right at the moment.

E&D: Can you tell us about the cover artwork for Necro Sapiens?

Baest: The artwork was created by Mithcell Nolte. It displays the whole universe around Necro Sapiens. The Czar is in the center of it, and there are small references to songs here and there. The purple colour is giving us this outer space dimension as well. 


E&D: You have just brought out the video for the song ‘Genesis’. Can you tell us a bit about what the songs and video are about?

Baest: The song is about the creation of the world in which Necro Sapiens live. It is the foundation of the concept. It tells the story of how the world is created. It is also a pretty diverse sounding Baest song. It shows what kind of energy we have at the moment. The video is us just playing together – doing what we love.

E&D: You have also brought out the ‘Necro Sapiens’ music video, can you tell us about that one?

Baest: A tour on the road with Baest. We had our manager driving as well, so we captured the way we work and play. We keep things in the family and it is nice still to have the same core as we had from day one.

E&D: Unfortunately, all your headlining live dates have been pushed back to September due to the ongoing pandemic but are you looking forward to hitting the stage again once it is safe to do so?

Baest: We can’t wait! We are hitting the Danish road in the fall (hopefully) and right after we should be back in Europe and UK!

E&D: Will you be playing a lot of material from the new album when you start playing again?

Baest: That is pretty safe to say!

E&D: You’re also due to support Phil Anselmo & The Illegals on their European tour in July and August. Are you looking forward to hitting my the road with the band?

Baest: That is going to be our biggest tour ever. So at this moment we are not even able to imagine it yet. To play with Phil Anselmo is going to be sick!

E&D: What has been the most memorable gig that Baest have ever played?

Baest: Copenhell 2019. 18,000 people in the crowd at 8 o’clock. It was so crazy!

E&D: What do you miss most about touring?

Baest: Everything about it. We wouldn’t have thought that we would go so long without playing shows. But the future looks bright and hopefully the world is on the right track.

E&D: What has been the best gig you have ever seen as a fan?

Baest: Rush in Sweden 2011. 

E&D: How did Baest start as a band?

Baest: We formed in 2015 and decided to be very serious about the project from day one. We just started writing and rehearsing intensively so we could kick start our career and our ambitions were and still are high as the sky. We were fortunate enough to get booked for shows already in 2016 and after releasing our third album in four years it’s easy to say that we haven’t looked back since.

E&D: What was the extreme metal scene like in Denmark like when you were starting out and what is it like today?

Baest: It was pretty solid and is still very solid. Copenhell is a big statement in Denmark and we have a lot Danish bands playing big shows there. 

E&D: What newer Danish metal bands could you recommend for us to check out?

Baest: Plaguemace! OSDM!

E&D: What are your favourite death metal albums ever and what makes them so special?

Baest: Left Hand Path. LG says it all. This is the purest death metal you can get, and I think everyone knows and agrees. It was an honour to accompany his last tour ever. May he rest in peace.

E&D: Baest were the first metal band to win awards at the Gaffa awards. How did that feel when you won?

Baest: It was a nice acknowledgement from the Danish scene.

E&D: What have been some of the most memorable moments from your time in Baest so far?

Baest: The best thing is to meet fans all over the world who listen to our music and enjoy our shows. That is such an amazing feeling. Touring with Abbath and getting to know LG. It is a pretty legendary company all of a sudden to be around in general.

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