Sincerely by Jennifer

Release date: April 23, 2021
Label: Whited Sepulchre Records

How do you write a musical letter expressing your love and admiration for some lost friends and a lost noise-punk scene in your city whose member you were? Well, of course, by exploring the North Indian classical scene and filtering it through slow, melancholic drones filtered through a post-rock ethic of which the likes of Kranky stalwarts like Labradford and Stars of The Lid would be really proud of.

That would be a relatively brief description of Sincerely, by Jennifer, aka Denver’s Zach Spencer. You see, Spencer was originally part of that city’s D.I.Y. noise rock scene who decided to go out of the traditional basics on which modern Western music is built and do an 8-year study of North Indian classical music.

But it seems that Spencer wanted to express his feelings towards a lost friend and a lost artistic scene through a completely different musical concept that formally should have to touch the ground with the one that is gone.

Actually, Spencer picks up a John Fahey quote that came about his legendary early works. Fahey called it ‘cosmic-sentimentalism.’ Spencer sees it as high praise, and that is he decided to place his musical ideas it took him a few years to work out.

The result is Sincerely, and it sounds exactly as both Fahey and Spencer, aka Jennifer describe it. As cosmic sentimentalism. And that certainly is praise.

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