Endgame by K4LT

Release date: May 11, 2021
Label: Self-Released

Dark music for dark times. Wherever you want to file the music that can fall under the doom category, it certainly fits the current period we live in.

While that reflection can be quite accurate, it certainly depends on what kind of an effect it will leave on the listener(s). It can get you depressed (further), or it can present an experience that can come up with some (personal) light at the end of the tunnel. In many ways, this effect will depend on the quality of those dark elements such music brings along.

In comes Berlin-based artist that goes under the name of K4LT (spoken “Kalt”, german for “cold”) and his most recent EP Endgame. And essentially, the artists explains himself both in words and music:

Endgame is the antithesis to a debut album – it’s an exhausting commentary about regularly finding yourself in an ominous state, trying to make sense of that, and then getting back on your feet. There’s no alternative but to move forward as there are great moments in life and the music also depicts that. It just seems that gravity on this planet seems to always increase. However, I´m still an optimist and there are many good things happening every day, and isn´t that something to wake up for?”

So where can we locate K4LT’s doom and darkness, and is it actually worth a listen?

Actually, K4LT doesn’t limit himself to just one source of inspiration. From better-known names like Sisters of Mercy and Radiohead to the dark side of Berlin electronic sound, it is all there. And it is all well sewn-up to do exactly what K4LT put in words – it is dark, but there are certain things around to wake up for.

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