S/T by Lunar Bird

Release date: April 30, 2021
Label: Self-Released

Cardiff, Wales dream poppers Lunar Bird deliver a relaxing experience with their melange of dream pop and psych. They formed in 2017 and released an earlier EP in 2018. This is their official debut full length. The band consists of singer, songwriter, and synth player Roberta Musillami, composer and visual artist Eliseo Di Malto, bassist Francis George, drummer Ellie Strong, and synth player Ross Davies. I am reminded at times of vintage retro bands like Death and Vanilla. So imagine the antique instruments paired with bright, shiny production and you’ll get a feel for what to expect.

‘Swallow Man Aviary’ is the pretty opener, and contains some nice vocals from Roberta. There is nothing out of place here, everything is perfectly in sync. ‘Siren Scales’ steps into a bit of Stereolab territory with its keyboard washes and sweeping musical backdrop. I am not so enamored of the handclap percussion, but the rest is pretty swell. ‘Emerald and Blue’ is another really sweet tune, while ‘A Walk’ would be right at home on a Still Corners release. Following that is ‘Run’ (more handclaps) with its cool fun house keyboards and some interesting harmonies.

‘Second Circle’ veers towards spacey synth pop and is a moodier piece (more of that, please). ‘Dream #7 (Matilde Davoli Mix)’ is smooth and lovely, while the edgier ‘Celestina’ veers back toward kosmische. In the final ‘Riding A Kite (Sullie Burgess Remix)’, you can hear a bit of Roberta’s jazz influence. This is a fairly succinct debut album from a promising group of talented musicians and is worth your time.

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