Lancashire-born but now Montréal-based musician, Tim Crabtree (aka Paper Beat Scissors) has re-shaped his tender and beautifully orchestrated 2019 indie-folk album, Parallel Line into Spanish, re-working a selection of the songs onto an EP entitled La Mitad, released last Friday.

To complement the release, we asked Tim to share three albums that have been his greatest influences…

 REM – Murmur

This album blew my 12-year-old mind. What was this guy mumbling about? Why was I having such a strong emotional reaction to these songs I couldn’t know what the subject was? On my favourite song ‘Laughing’ that’s literally still the only word I’m 100% sure of in the whole four minutes. Before this album I’d understood on a primal level that I didn’t have to know what music was about for it to make me feel something, but this album brought it out into the open.

Favourite tracks: ‘Laughing’, ‘Shaking Through’, ‘Sitting Still’

Bing & Ruth – Tomorrow Was the Golden Age

​I often wish I could hear music again in the way I heard it as a child before I knew what instruments were, before I was separating out all the parts and putting all the bits into boxes and “understanding” it. On this record all the instruments flow into one sound and force your brain to stop worrying about what is what. Slow winding melodies that purposely step outside of rigid meter. It’s also the most perfect pause – an hour-long instrumental wave that never fails to help me slow down every time I put it on.

Favourite tracks: ‘TWTGA’, ‘Postcards from Brilliant Orange’

The Notwist – Neon Golden

This album taught me a lot about texture and economy – orchestral instrumentation is chopped up and repurposed, exploratory electronic elements that are part of the form, not just icing on the cake, electric guitars and drums skipping in and out, songforms that start and seem to freeze in a beautiful stasis. Markus Acher’s heavily accented sad broken robot voice that lovingly relays glimpsed stories of isolation and connection.

Favourite tracks: ‘One Step Inside’, ‘Trashing Days’, ‘Consequence’

Paper Beat Scissors’ La Mitad was released on April 30 and can be streamed and purchased here

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