Figment That Was Me by Blueanimal

Release date: June 4, 2021
Label: Self-Released

Are there any bands around at the moment that can fall under that very broad category of alternative rock? With the accent on rock, implying that guitars and vocals take the centre stage?

Ok, Foo Fighters are at their top, it seems, Queens of The Stone Age are still around, and Alice in Chains might be making an attempt at a return. But what about the newer artists, the ones that haven’t been in the focus or are yet to make some sort of an impact? Actually, there might be a few, but maybe the trick lies in the fact that not many of them are making anything that you can call relevant sounds.


Well, maybe Orlando, Florida’s Blueanimal can rectify that with their latest (third) album Figment That Was Me. The band revolves around lead singer/guitarist and main songwriter Luke Elms and bassist Matt Lube. Ry Kovacevich whose lead guitar is prominent on the album has in the meantime left the band ( replaced by Luis Rexach) and the drummer and producer Aaron Gandia completes the lineup.

So what have we got here? You can call it alternative grunge, as the genre has by now returned to its alternative start. But the heavy element of the sound and prominent guitar sound is balanced out with some quite tight melodic songwriting. And along with the names mentioned above, you can add grunge heavies like Nirvana and Soundgarden as an obvious inspiration here.

Thematically, the album is a bit on a heavier side. Obviously, under the impression of the current heavy times, Elms explains, “I wrote this album as a concept album telling the story of a person descending into and rising out of a battle with depression and the consequences it has on his relationships, self-image, and all facets of his life.”

The effect is not an easy one, but the band’s songwriting and playing capabilities pull them through making Figment That Was Me a good addition to a possible grunge revival.

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