Echo by Indigo Sparke

Release date: February 26, 2021
Label: Sacred Bones

Sacred Bones Records have always had a knack for some exceptional left-field music. And one of their new signings Australian singer/songwriter Indigo Sparke and her album Echo is just further proof of that.

If you learn that the album was produced by Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker, you can get a general idea of where this thing is going. Deeply intimate songs and lyrics composed mostly for a guitar and a voice, often with a bit of, well, echo. In most cases, such a concept can lead to burying your music into the ground even before it gets recorded. You really have to have compositional, lyrical, and vocal skills to pull it through for any reasonable results.


And, oh yes, Sparke has all of those. Indigo, who got her name from her jazz musician parents and their love of Duke Ellington, had the courage to bare it all with some excellent results.

“When writing and recording the record, I wondered how it would all come together. I felt like I was standing back in the desert, looking up at the blue night sky, wondering how all the stars would connect. I think sometimes it’s the dark matter or void space between them, that holds it all together. This record is an ode to death and decay. And the restlessness I feel to belong to something greater. Adrianne and I talked so much about keeping the record stripped back and simple, that is, we are all just constantly getting stripped back and humbled by life,” says Sparke.

A double-edged sword as a concept. Luckily for Sparke and her producer Adrianne Lenker, they used the right edge of that sword to come up with some quite delicate results.

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