Interview: Sickrecy

We do our own noise and keep the classics as inspiration.

Sickrecy are a new band who feature members of grind luminaries Birdflesh, General Surgery and World In Ruins. The band specialise in razor sharp grindcore that fans of Repulsion and Terrorizer will love and this exemplified with their debut release First World Anxiety. Gavin Brown caught up with Sickrecy drummer / bassist Martin Eriksson to talk about the EP and how Sickrecy started plus the importance of grindcore, punk and hardcore on the band and himself.

E&D: Your debut EP First World Anxiety is out next month. How did the recording and creation of the EP go?      

Martin: It all started with my desire to evolve my skills in creating music and to see if I was able to do a couple of grindcore songs. To make something completely different from World in Ruins but at the same time keep the crust, d-beat and death metal, yet to do it in a different way. The recording took place mostly in my home studio and some of the guitars in Marcus home studio. Otherwise all drums, basses and vocals are recorded at my place.

E&D: With all the chaos and uncertainty going on in the world, did that give you plenty of inspiration for the songs on First World Anxiety?

Martin: Yep, in a way, at least lyric wise.

E&D: Was it a powerful experience when you were creating the songs in terms of the lyrical content on the EP? 

Martin: It became a very powerful experience to me when Adde started to lay down his vocals. The way that he transforms the written lyrics into sheer anger and uses his vocals as a powerful tool to make the words mean something is just awesome.

E&D: What subjects do you tackle with the songs? 

Martin: The usual punk stuff i would say. Greed, overpopulation, terrorism, fanatism, politicians but hopefully in a more mature way than the 15 year old me!

E&D: Do you still think that music is a great tool for challenging authority and standing up for what you believe in, especially with the music Sickrecy make? 

Martin: Quite often, or most of the time you will end up preaching for the already blessed ´cos the majority of the people that would benefit from hearing those lyrics are turned away from it by the music. But, at the right time in someone’s life, (like for me) the world stood still and I understood both the music and the lyrics and they made such an imprint on me, so here I am, older but with basically the same view of the world.

E&D: Have you got plans for new music at the moment, maybe a full length album? 

Martin: We have already begun working on our full length. Drums and basses and some guitars are recorded so far.


E&D: Can you tell us about the cover artwork for First World Anxiety and what it represents?

Martin: The cover is made by Mike Fisher Custom Artwork and it is mostly a view of the world today.

E&D: Did you want the album to follow in the lineage of classic grind albums like Scum and World Downfall

Martin: A lot of what we do in Sickrecy follows the same paths as the classic albums but I hope and think that people won’t see us as some kind of tribute band ´cos that is not our intention at all. We do our own noise and keep the classics as inspiration.

E&D: When did Sickrecy start as band and how did you get together?

Martin: I have had this as a dream of mine for years but it wasn’t ´til late 2019 that i recorded the first demos and a little later Marcus joined. Then I met Adde through a friend of mine. Played him the demos and he joined instantly so, around summer 2020 we were a band for real.

E&D: The members of Sickrecy also play in Birdflesh, General Surgery, World In Ruins and Damned To Downfall. Did you bring elements of those bands into Sickrecy or is it a spectate entity? 

Martin: I would say that Sickrecy is an own entity. I think that I speak for all of us when i say that we try to keep all of our bands apart from being inspired by the same things. Of course that can happen but I think that we in those cases go at it from different angles.

E&D: Have your other bands got things planned for the rest of the year too? 

Martin: Yes, I know that Birdflesh and General Surgery are both going to release new material soon and World in Ruins are about to release 3 EPs during this year. I will try to record the vocals for the new Damned To Downfall release this week, so, yes we keep ourselves busy.

E&D: Is it a difficult task balancing duties in multiple bands? 

Martin: I would say no, not really. If you’ve got the will, you’ve got the power.

E&D: Who are the biggest influences on the sound of Sickrecy? 

Martin: I don’t know really, but Napalm Death for sure. Not only their music but the lyrics as well. Other than that I don’t really know. There is just too many bands that inspires me to make songs for Sickrecy. Everything from the The Cure to Frontline Assembly to Lock up to Death to…..

E&D: Have you discussed Sickrecy playing live at all as soon as that is possible? 

Martin: Yes we have and hopefully we will.

E&D: Would you consider doing a tour with Sickrecy where Birdflesh, General Surgery etc were playing as well?

Martin: I don’t t know if that is possible for Adde as he does vocals in all three but if he can I’m all up for the job.

E&D: What has been the greatest gig you have ever witnessed live? 

Martin: Oooh that’s a tough one. Seeing Entombed at the Roskilde festival in 92 when LG was just reunited with them was an epic show for me.

E&D: What album has had the biggest effect on you in your life and what made it resonate with you so much?

Martin: The Exploited – Troops of Tomorrow. That was the first album I bought back in 1982. The music had everything and it has set the tone for my entire life. Plus it stands the test of time and it’s as good now as it was back then.

E&D: What are some of your favourite crust punk / grindcore albums of all time? 

Martin: Crust / D-beat – Anticimex 12” Ep from 1986. What a mighty sound, Wolfbrigade – Run With The Haunted and Damned. Can’t make it without these albums, Puke – Back To The Stone Age, hardcore / raw punk from Sweden. Absolutely amazing and way before their time. Grindcore – G ANX everything they’ve done. It’s soo good, Lock Up – Hate Breeds Suffering. Napalm Death (of course) especially From Enslavement to Obliteration and Utopia Banished.

E&D: How did you discover grindcore in the first place? 

Martin: It started to circulate in our punk community around 1988 but I hated it at first. It wasn’t ´til the Mentally Murdered EP came out that i got stuck.

E&D: What have been some of the highlights of your times in bands so far? 

Martin: It must be that i have explored so many different genres in music. Started off with punk over to thrash and death metal, on to industrial, EBM, hardcore, hip hop, technical death thrash, death crust / D-beat, grindcore and industrial death metal. All of those different styles but always with the same basic view on politics and the world that was formed in my early punk days.

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