Atom by Toma

Release date: June 30, 2021
Label: Self-Released

If you’ve got something interesting to say musically, you’re bound to get attention, even if it turns out to be just a devoted fan base.

Atom is the debut album by Bulgarian-born, Austria-resident composer/guitarist Toma (full name Toma Ivanov) so at the moment it is a bit hard to say what level of attention both the album and the artist himself will get. Yet, based on it, it can easily be said that he will definitely get it. He deserves it too.


Ivanov is obviously somebody who is truly versed in all things jazz, but, at the same time, it is also obvious that he had his ears open to all modern forms of electronic music. This time around, he combines his jazz guitar chops with the inspiration drawn from the golden era of Warp and Ninja Tune Records. And through his vision, that golden era is still fully intact.

But to make such a combination work, you need not only present good compositions and excel at your main instrument but also have stellar musical support. Toma definitely gets it here, from the likes of New York rapper I am Tim and the excellent Chicago avant-garde jazzman Ben Lamar Gay, among others.

On Atom Toma presents an excellent gamut of grooves, that at some point just might end up as samples somewhere else. Yet these grooves work perfectly in his compositions like the cooled-down ‘Outsight,’ with vocals by Viviane Toebich and even deeper late-night stuff of ‘Blind War,’ that features aforementioned Ben Lamar Gay.

So, Ivanov’s Atom is the kind of music where its detonation will certainly be felt, and it should be on a larger scale.

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