Fragments by Vassilina

Release date: May 28, 2021
Label: Inner Ear Records

Dark music for dark times. Some would say that we need to escape it because it will just push us deeper into darkness. Others would counter that it is one of the ways to get us out of real-life darkness because it makes us realize how deep in it we really are. Still, the only way such music can arouse such negative or positive emotions is if it is any good. Otherwise, we end up in the middle ground. And possibly that middle ground is indifference. The indifference comes from the fact that such music is not able to bring forward any emotions at all.


Luckily for the Greek-born, London-based singer/songwriter Vassilina is that her music, as presented on her debut album Fragments doesn’t suffer from the indifference problem. It is deeply dark electronically-induced avant-pop, anywhere between early Cabaret Voltaire and recent experimentations of like-minded artists like Argentina’s Juana Molina.

To present dark thoughts in a manner that will leave a serious impression on any listener requires that you really feel and think them, and it seems that Vassilina certainly draws her inspiration from some very personal experiences. Still, to be able to come up with any quality music in that respect you really need excellent imagination songwriting skills with vocal capabilities and instrumental backup to match. On the evidence of Fragments, Vassilina has all of the above.

If you ever wanted This Mortal Coil updated for current times and toned yet another shade darker, you just might start with Vassilina and her Fragments.

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