Hexentanzplatz by Alice Hubble

Release date: September 10, 2021
Label: Happy Robots Records

Something has crept upon the mystical mountains for a hypnotic adventure that awaits us. Alice Hubble is a project from the mind of Alice Hubley who is known for the one-half line-up of Arthur & Martha. She’s released her second studio album that will take you beyond the stratospheres of space and time.

Hexentanzplatz is her new album for 2021. A follow-up to her 2019 solo debut Polarlichter, released on the same label Happy Robots, her first album was a leap forwards into the progressive rock voyages, mixed in with the Krautrock, Post-Rock, and New Wave scenery. Now with her latest release, she’s moving into an electro-pop orientated sound.

Listening to Alice’s music is like something straight out of the libraries from De Wolfe Music with Jane Weaver as her guide, and Suzanne Ciani as her teacher. Listening to the opening track, ‘West Reservoir’ is a futuristic scenery with eerie vibrations. You can imagine Alice channeling her Mellotron delving into the final section of Italian Prog maestro’s Museo Rosenach’s suite, Zarathustra.

‘Power Play’ is a mid-dance synth-pop groove as Alice goes into a 12-bar groove showing her keyboards vibrating a bluesy section as she transforms into this
Debbie Harry-sque beauty before raising the roof as the title-track drives into the unknown landscapes of a deserted wasteland in the city of angels.
You can feel the peace and solidarity behind the mountain’s eye as drum beats and pastoral sounds rise more and more for Alice to fly over the horizon.

‘Projections’ is a reminiscent of Simple Minds’ ‘Don’t You Forget about Me’. I can imagine Alice took a lot of research by going through some of John Hughes film work during the Brat Pack-era as if she had written this as a continuation for The Breakfast Club.

‘Summer Smoke’ has these touches between Cluster’s Sowiesoso, ABBA’s Super Trouper, and Tangerine Dream’s Force Majeure with echoing effects Alice brings to the song while going into a gaming score with a mystery continuing where Jesse Faden’s story had left off in the 2019 classic, Control with its haunting psychedelic vibes for an emotional reunion on ‘My Dear Friend’.

Hexentanzplatz (trying saying that three times fast!) is Hubble’s growing continuation to spread her wings flying for more ideas that are waiting to be unveiled. And I can imagine there are plenty brainstorming ideas she will bring to her next adventure in the roaring ‘20s.

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