Metamorphosis by Black Reuss

Release date: June 4, 2021
Label: Self-Released

Nestled somewhere between Austria and Switzerland, Lichtenstein has a population that is less than 40,000 people. Out of that number, how many bands or good rock bands can you expect?

Or, to be more precise, how many good black metal or doom metal bands there can be?

Frankly, all you need is one, and Black Reuss is certainly that. Talking about one, Black Reuss is actually one Maurizio Dottore, who picked up the name for his ‘band’ from  the river Reuss, a Swiss river that rises in the Gotthard massif in the middle of Switzerland, where Black Reuss lived during the writing of their/his latest album ‘Metamorphosis.’

And ‘Metamorphosis’ comes up with some certainly very heavy, very black doom metal. At the same time, as with almost any music that has that ‘doom’ prefix in the term, there is a certain line of melancholy as an undercurrent to all the heaviness that dominates.

Dottore, who composed all the music and wrote all the lyrics, and as well as produced the album, actually does seem to be a doctor of heavy metal in all its incarnations. 

Throughout the album, he has used the key strength of having all compositional/producing roles joined in one person, and that is the unified quality of ideas and sound. At the same time, he has escaped the trap of all the compositions sounding ‘same-ish’ and monotonous, as ‘Metamorphosis’ sounds exactly as it was intended – a black metal album with varying ideas and musical presentation.

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