Untold Futures by The Oscillation

Release date: October 29, 2021
Label: Self Released

Demian Castellano’s prodigious output as The Oscillation may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but to those who have partaken of the blue pill and dived headlong into his world, there has been a singular strand of experimentation and thirst to push on into boundaries new. Evolving from the motorik beginnings, into what can only be described as a full onslaught of your senses, The Oscillation take no prisoners, baby.

Untold Futures continues the story on its own unrestricted terms as the music explores the sweet spot between spaced out psychedelia, dissonant industrial noise, and full on rock and roll mayhem. Feel the riff on ‘Forever Knowing’ which may ape Prodigy’s Their Law, but here it is shorn of any techno meanderings and places itself firmly in that spot between your eyes where they say the third eye exists. This is no spiritual thing though, this is pure fucked up techno-core ragings from another galaxy. Did we say galaxy, nah…this is inner space man.

Within this inner space is a landscape of duality brought on by the dissonant bursts and levied by moments of fractious beauty. That those latter moments are buried deep within the mix urges your mind to go seeking them out. Purity in noise invades your senses, and it sounds fucking wondrous blasting out the car stereo on a Friday afternoon drive home from work. The at times unholy racket is a passport to the freedom of excess that the weekend brings. With it comes a price though, and as you pay the ferryman his silver coin on the drifting journey of Heart of Nowhere, The Oscillation ratchet the tension until it almost becomes unbearable.

Almost. We are here for the trip man, and ‘Obscured’ brings some real head music into the mix. A superb mix of drone and spaced out psych. It’s the kind that you want playing as you hit your third peak of the night and the music becomes a symbolic cleansing of your fractured mind. Today, tomorrow, fucking whenever, it feels like another lifetime ago, and that’s if time even exists any-more. Trapped in a singular point in time, with just the music for company. It is both joyous and utterly terrifying but trust in it you must.

The juddering opening of ‘The Inner Void’ seems to offer a glimmer of hope until the distorted feedback of signals from the core of the noise return you to the chaotic undertones of the industrial sabotage that Castellano is delivering upon your soul. Music for the soul, which rips it apart and reinvigorates, reverts, and returns in an altogether different way. The Untold Future has turned out to be your own, and your only offer of guidance comes in the maelstrom of noise that is upon you. But is it any good, and do you feel like it is worth the trip. In terms of reaching those places, The Oscillation are at the very top of their game.

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