Infernum In Terra by A Pale Horse Named Death

Release date: September 24, 2021
Label: Long Branch Records

Holy shit in a fucking hand bag Batman! What the fuck is this?! This isn’t just a doom metal band, but the way it sounds, it gives listeners real detail with harsh guitar tones, heavy bass, and slow-down rhythm sections that will keep you on the edge of your seat. A Pale Horse Named Death are one of those bands to bring these nightmarish stories like an opened book that is brought to life.

Since their formation in 2010 in The Big Apple by Type O Negative alumni drummer Sal Abrustaco, A Pale Horse Named Death’s music is like an awakening beast ready to attack at any second with its ominous riffs, haunting arrangements, and Sal’s lyrics filled with illustrated visuals that will grab your heart so tight, you never want to let go of. This year, the band has unleashed their fourth studio album called Infernum in Terra which in Latin means, “Hell On Earth”. This is one of the band’s most ear-listening experiences that will keep you guessing until the very end. There is something creeping up behind you when you listen to this album. It’s almost as if Sal has taken up the torch of The Cryptkeeper who would introduce stories from the HBO TV series, Tales from the Crypt.

‘Lucifer’s Sun’ starts with a sound of TV static. You feel as if you are going in for the kill as if the animal has transformed into a monstrous beast ready to attack with snarling riffs. Ricochet bullets are completely mind-blown from the snare drum attack as Sal envisions a world collapsing in front of our eyes as the bell tolls for ‘It is Done’.

We hear Gregorian chants, the sound of a rocking chair rapidly going back and forth like crazy, and the sound of announcers throughout the speaker describing the dangers of a sickness that’s going on, and how we can prevent it. ‘Slave to the Master’ has these guitars going through a Leslie speaker as if they’re tipping their hat to Soundgarden. The piano is a calling response for the dead to rise from the grave with its slow-down arrangements. The truth is quite painful, but it needs to be revealed to the public on the hatred that is happening in the outside world by preventing this madness to happen in the outside world.


‘Devil’s Deed’ is A Pale Horse Named Death channeling both the sounds of the Ladbroke Grove scene of High Tide’s Sea Shanties-era and Dorset’s own Electric Wizard from their Black Masses period. Dealing with the issue of shaking hands with the devil and paying the ultimate price while having train-chugging riffs and Indian tribe drum work, Sal is hypnotizing the listener to obey every command he brings to us. And there’s no chance in hell of getting out of the deal. Because once sign the deal, there’s no turning back. ‘Cast Out from the Sky’ has roaring monsters coming out of the heavenly skies by attacking its prey.

And in the words Stimpson J. Cat from the Ren and Stimpy cartoon, Insomniac Ren, “The Sky Grew BLACK AS BLOOD!” Meaning all hell has broken loose throughout the city. Then, the band does something very unique. They channel the Spaghetti Western score in the midsection with melodic vocals and guitars dealing with the sound of deathly-like showdown that is happening between The Man With No Name and six killers that want him dead.

You can imagine the guitars are channeling the textures of Camel’s Andy Latimer throughout the segment as they go in for the kill. With its ascending mountain climbing riffs, the last minute is a battle between Batman and the Joker in Tim Burton’s 1989 climatic finale.

I just love how A Pale Horse Name Death channel the styles of The Mahavishnu Orchestra’s ‘Dance of the Maya’ in the last section as it fades into the sunset while ‘Shards of Glass’ returns back to the Electric Wizard route, singing in the styles of ‘Venus in Furs’. A Pale Horse Name Death’s Infernum in Terra is one of the most intensive and scariest albums I’ve listened to.

It combines the ingredients of everything they have cooked inside their own kitchen. And it is a spicy motherfucker that they’ve brought to the table for customers to sink their teeth into. Despite living in these tricky times that we’re going through, A Pale Horse Name Death have opened the flood gates and bring their new album as a Frankenstein ready to kill in a bloody gore fest like no other!

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