How Do You Live by Amon Tobin

Release date: September 24, 2021
Label: Nomark

When you spend 25 years on a music scene, and you are considered as one of the groundbreaking artists in one (or more genres), there are only two ways things can develop. Of course, unless you decide to simply quit. You can keep trying to break new grounds or you can just lay back and sit comfortably on your laurels, treading (musical) water by doing only what the audience pleases.

Things do get more complicated if it is a genre, or genres, like all forms of electronic music when shifts over time can seem to be minimal. Yet for Amon Tobin, who just released his latest album ‘How Do You Live,’ things just seem to be moving forward.

He started his own label (Nomark), he keeps on working under his own name and a few other aliases, trying to find pathways into uncharted territories, using different production techniques and varying ideas.

For some, the changes he brings along might seem minute, but gradual, evolutionary changes are actually the ones that produce lasting impact. Suddenly, you just realize there is something new out there.

That is exactly the feeling you get from this new Tobin album. It sounds as if he has collected minute bits and pieces and arranged them in such a manner to produce sounds that one had a sound like something truly new while still making a solid connection with what went on before that very point.

Also, it seems that is the way the album is built up, so that when you get close to its centre with tracks like ‘Sweet Inertia’ and ‘Phaedra’ you realize that Tobin is not standing still but is further developing not only his sound but also bringing new elements to electronic music, no matter how minute they initially may seem.

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