Mutual Isolation by Burnt Belief

Release date: October 22, 2021
Label: Alchemy Records

That eerie walk inside a ghost town would send shivers down your spine. When you go inside that old abandoned building, not only you’ll have paranormal activities, but it is a place that is stuck in time. For Burnt Belief’s latest follow-up Mutual Isolation, it becomes a trip into the unknown to see what Jon Durant and Colin Edwin have in store in 2021.

As the pandemic made everything come to a screeching halt last year, Burnt Belief made sure that music can bring hope, joy, and awareness to the forefront. It is a signal of calm, terror, experimentation, percussion work, yoga, and smoky nightclubs set in Paris around the 1950s with a trip-hop vibe that can help you ease the pain.

Listening to both Vinny Sabatino, Andi Pupato, and Aleksei Saks, you feel this strength of nightmares revealing right in front of you. They bring out the whole shebang by opening up the doors to reveal that certain parts of the world aren’t exactly what they seem to be. Durant’s instrument has a vast sheer of brutal honesty when he reaches a full-scale assault.

He adds this ominous approach on the instrumental tracks while Edwin’s upright bass lends one of the most clock-ticking vibes that’ll crawl up your spine. Not only you can hear Sonar’s arrangements in the music, but there are strong vibrations of Neil Ardley’s take of ‘The Time Flowers’ from the 2017 release On the Radio: BBC Sessions 1971. And some elements of Richard Wright’s piano work from The Division Bell as if Burnt Belief are extending one of his compositions, ‘Wearing the Inside Out’.

Jon gives Colin a lot of free-rein at certain momentum. He knows that he has Edwin’s back by walking on a dangerous tightrope in the middle of the Grand Canyon. And you never know if the rope is going to be cut or not. But near the end, there’s this tribal atmosphere that Sabatino and Pupato create.

The percussionists do this Latin style groove in a Bossa-Nova feel to keep the dance rhythms flowing in the middle of a warm-like beach in Rio de Janeiro. Burnt Belief’s music will always keep you guessing until the very end. Mutual Isolation is an intriguing release that combines world sounding beauty, dreamscapes, and sinister overtones that is like a flower revealing its true plan to the entire world.

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