Out of the Gate by Alessandro Corvaglia

Release date: September 3, 2021
Label: AMS Records

Alessandro Corvaglia has always been very passionate about music. When you hear his voice, he grabs your heart and never lets it go. He also has been involved in projects, bands, and a part of the Italian prog scene. From La Maschera di Cera, Hostsonaten, Delirium, and Mr. Punch. Alessandro is a very busy, busy man when it comes to a Spider-Man sense of great power and responsibility.

This year he’s releases his first solo album on the AMS label entitled Out of the Gate. Fifteen years in the making, Alessandro is taking the first pitch in a Baseball sense as a solo artist. It is quite the challenge for him, but with Out of the Gate, he tackles subjects such as humanitarian, institutions, bloggers who have a barbarian attitude, autobiographical stories, burial at sea, and a visionary journey.

‘Preaching Online’ has some hard rock orientations as the synthesizers deal with the bullshit from the bloggers who not only can be trolls, but not telling the whole truth. Corvaglia has a lot of anger inside him when he sings this. You can tell that he can really get angry and punch you in the stomach so hardcore, you do NOT want to mess with.

The cavernous midsection is a spiritual journey into the unknown as he pleads the blogging community to behave themselves before they become their own worst enemy. With unexpected time changes, Alessandro dives into Gentle Giant’s pool of In a Glass House.

‘Promised Land’ opens the album as the curtain rises up for the show to begin. Dealing with the loss of someone in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Corvaglia sings in the styles of Dave Cousins of the Strawbs, Phil Collins, and Acqua Fragile’s Bernardo Lazinetti. You feel the temperature rising from the bass riff to the smoky sax setting up the guitar going deeper into the ocean to find out what happened to the victims who were perished by the massive tidal wave.

The keyboards create this glowing concerto-like loop as the drums pound to the beat as it flows majestically. ‘The Night of the Eyes’ is a spiritual guidance with some Floyd-like textures as the Bass sets up this middle-eastern fusion-like intro.


Before you dive into the ocean to search for your true inner self, the guitars are crying out to the gods once more as the piano gets the mellotron up-and-running to bring remembrance and heading towards the light with some blistering six-string improve to hammer it all out in the end.

Alessandro also pays tribute to Gordon Giltrap, who lends him a helping hand on one of the tracks that appear on the album. The unreleased composition, ‘A Deed within a Dream’ sounds like an animated rock-orientated film that is filled with hope and wonder.

You have these medieval waltz-like dances during the renaissance-era while the moog has audience feel the vibration of a jig by dancing to the grooves of PFM’s Chocolate Kings-era. Elements between the folk-like melodies and organ-bass driven structures give you an insight of a stick of dynamite waiting to explode at any second.

’12 Towers’ is almost a storytelling nod to this Emperor who has done so well to his country, but he has no idea how long is going to last as he has this sudden premonition that terror is beyond the horizon. There is also a strength of courage between guitars, keyboard strings, and flute, knowing that while we’ll enjoy the moments that last, it is not going to last long.

‘White Ghosts’ starts off with a nod to Starcastle’s Fountains of Light as the keyboards get ready for lift-off. Alessandro channels the arena rock vibrations with brutal guitar riffs, pounding drums, and high-energizing vocals that resemblance The Grand Illusion-era from Styx, Boston, and unsung heroes, Aviary.

The closing title-track which clocks it at 11 minutes, is a show-stopping finale. Alessandro pours everything to this epic end by going up to heavens and coming down afterwards. There’s some stronger elements of Goblin’s Suspiria thrown in the midsection with militant drum exercises before going into the 4/4 time signature of a war that’s happening.

Alessandro’s solo debut is a treasure trove waiting to be unleashed. It’s a sign of him to spread his wings and fly Out of the Gate to see what the landscapes are like in the skies above.

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