Truce 2 by Markus Reuter

Release date: January 12, 2022
Label: MoonJune Records

Hard to believe, but it’s been two years after Markus Reuter released the Truce album. It also marked the 100th release from the MoonJune label at the same time. The original release was a brutal sonic attack that can fill your lungs up with fire and water. Now in 2022, Reuter has return back for another adventure with a sequel to Truce in its 120th release.

And this time, there’s no turning the clock backwards on this mo-fo right here. Recorded in only two days along with a third for overdubbing and repair work, Truce 2 is like no other. For Reuter, Sirkis, and Trentini, they are back in action by creating more multi-dimensional beauty to make your earphones go crazy.

Mind you, this isn’t a Crimson motif, but the trio take on another challenge to go even further by proving themselves that this time, they’re ready to go to war. From the topsy-turvy turbulence of ‘Consolation’, to the thumping 10-minute powder keg of Trentini and Sirkis launching missiles down on Earth’s soil with ‘Melomania’, they brought in the big guns for the New Year.

But it’s Reuter’s arrangements that will chill you to the bone. He adds these brutal forces in the middle of a heavy snowstorm with Trentini playing these fretless improvisation as he catches up with not only with Markus, but Asaf as he reaches the finish line.

However, Fabio comes to the forefront by nailing down those mighty trees with his heavy axe for ‘One Cut Suffices’. They give Fabio enough carte blanche on his instrument throughout the last section of the composition. It becomes an alarming siren that fills up the void whilst finding a safer place and not getting hurt.

‘Bounds of Love’ is like a horror movie brought to life. It gives a full amount of power that the fortress itself becomes a gothic cathedral. Bringing the textures of Herbie Flowers’ bass textures from the sessions of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, they also add the terrifying score of the Martians coming to London, by attacking its citizens with their gamma ray.

‘The Rate’ opens the album like a menacing figure coming to life. Chaotic brainstorm, thrash metal attitude, Voivod influences, clunkering imagery, and bringing it to a climatic structure, the hammer has been brought down with mighty thunderstorms that will give you nightmares.

The walk into the damned human race comes to an opening revelation. A whistle-blowing reality check for the ‘Barren’ sees Reuter and Sirkis becoming boxers. Not only they become sportsman, but walking a fine line to carry those looping sequences from Sonar.

Reuter has come back with another strength of wisdom for Truce 2. From the moment he lit the fuse, you can imagine that you better run like hell for the follow-up. Because once the explosion hits, it becomes a maddening formula that’ll melt your brain!

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