The Great Reset by Milton Man Gogh

Release date: November 12, 2021
Label: Art As Catharsis

From their initial album Stress To Impress back in 2017 Australian trio Milton Man Gogh have set themselves as one of the current key purveyors of what you can call jazz with hardcore attitude. Oh, with a solid dose of humor.

Three years and four releases on their latest, The Great Reset just confirms all the above attributes, including humor.

Any changes? Sure. The intensity and instrumental sophistication of Andrew Saragossi (tenor saxophone/clarinet, composition), Zac Sakrewski (upright bass/electric bass, effects, composition) and Benjamin Shannon (drums, composition) has just gone a few notches up. Oh they have included a graphic novella to go along with the music this time around for those who decide they want to venture into MMG’s trip.

Oh, and what a weird (in a good way) trip it is, as another, often much calmer (and a better known psych band) would say.


Taking their cues from the original jazz punks like Ornette Coleman and Sam Rivers and picking up on the way more ‘calmer’ ones (well, not always) like Charles Mingus and Sun Ra, they also channel the intensity of punk as rock fans know it (take your pick there) and turn it into interchangeable passages of extreme intensity and real calm, with more of the former though.

Yet, throughout there is a thread of rhythm and melody to make the music both coherent and sensible. With humor this time around left for the novella. Both are a treat.

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