Memoria by Trentemøller

Release date: February 11, 2022
Label: In My Room

Danish artist (in the true sense of that word) Trentemøller is one of those composers/musicians that are so hard to pin down. His latest album Memoria is yet another proof to that fact.

His music always had that introspective touch to it, whether he was expressing it through purely electronic, post-rock, noise electronic pop or shoegeaze.

The latter two dominate Memoria and melody and harmony vocals are predominant to create one of his most ‘pop’-oriented album so far, if that is a description that can actually fit Trentemøller’s music.


Yet, if that ‘pop’ denominator applies, as is always the case with his music. There are elements that colour the music with both light and dark touches, light and dark coming in all shapes and sizes, but never forsaking the idea behind each song, or composition, if you will, as on ‘Dead or Alive’ or all-instrumental ‘Darklands’.

Elsewhere, Trentemøller presents a true example of how modern krautrock should  sound like, as on ‘When The Sun Explodes’.

Throughout the album though, there’s this nocturnal feeling, but the one that we would encounter either at twilight or just before sunrise, when the two stages of the day overlap, making Memoria perfectly suited for these grey times.

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