Synchro Anarchy by Voivod

Release date: February 11, 2022
Label: Century Media

It’s always great to see Voivod coming back stronger than ever by getting us back on our feet and taking us on another sci-fi exploration with more various stories beyond the Twilight Zone on Synchro Anarchy. This album not only carries more of the progressive and thrash metal torches, but they can bring the roof down like no other! 40 years later, Voivod is still going strong.

Crashing down to Earth with explosive bombs coming out of nowhere with ‘Paranormalium’, you feel the pounding beats falling from the sky thanks to Langevin, Mongrain, and Laroche’s scorching introduction. It then becomes a full-scale strike as Denis lays down the brutal vocal arrangements with an enormous sound that you’ve never heard before.

The title-track becomes more and more dangerous with thumbing bass and frightening guitar riffs climbing up the walls back and forth. ‘Planet Eaters’ gives Mongrain a massive amount of energy juice, letting out more texture to reign a lot of blood pumping arrangements before going on this challenging tightrope ride that becomes a very dangerous challenge he has to endure.


Meanwhile, other tracks like the moody turned extreme sounds of ‘Mind Clock’, the return to the Bay Area scene with an epic-like story on ‘Holographic Thinking’, and the nod to The Mars Volta’s De-Loused in the Comatorium with ‘Sleeves Off’, Voivod now have enough ammunition with a shit-ton of weapons they are bringing to a western showdown at the O.K. corral.

But it’s ‘The World Today’ that makes the quartet transform themselves into a cat-and-mouse chase with scorching fire to travel with the Grand Wazoo at ‘Inca Roads’. Now picture this scene.

Imagine if you will, Testament and PAKT’s Alex Skolnick laying down the production level with Voivod as he gives them carte blanche by approaching this Jekyll and Hyde arrangement from acoustic to electric sounds by dealing with who the character has become. He is fighting between two individuals inside his mind, the only to escape is to sacrifice himself on the ‘Quest for Nothing.’

And at the end of ‘Memory Failure’, the danger that you’ve been warned about for many, many years, it has come to life. Hell has arrived on Earth, and there’s no chance in getting out it alive whilst the band storm through the heavy gates and head out into the darkness.

Synchro Anarchy is Voivod’s masterplan to create their own Frankenstein. It has not only been created, but to terrorise the town with the music they have brought back from the village. This band will always be the real deal by being true to their own self, and never giving up.

And the new album, to paraphrase the disclaimer from David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Synchro Anarchy is to be played at maximum volume.

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