Volcanic Rock Live by Buffalo Revisited

Release date: January 14, 2022
Label: Ripple Music

When you think of the rock scene from Australia, you think of Russell Morris, Zoot featuring Rick Springfield, Tame Impala, The Easybeats, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, and of course, AC/DC. But who couldn’t forget the unsung masters of proto-metal none other than Buffalo.

Formed in Sydney in August, 1971, Buffalo opened the door of Australian hard rock and metal with a giant battering ram blowing the door down with a hardcore explosion like no other! The band considered vocalists Dave Tice and Alan Milano, drummer Paul Balbi, guitarist John Baxter, and bassist Peter Wells, all of them came from the Brisbane group, Head.

They were the first band from Australia to be signed on the swirling Vertigo label, home to bands such as; Black Sabbath, Gentle Giant, Nucleus with Ian Carr, May Blitz, Patto, and Affinity. The band released five studio albums from 1972 to 1977 until they took a long hiatus at the dawn of punk’s arrival the following year.

Dave embarked as a successful solo artist with bands such as the pub-rock group The Count Bishops and The Headhunters. For Dave, he was always asked about a Buffalo reunion as he played selections which would later be known as Buffalo Revisited.

The event was to showcase playing their first three albums (Dead Forever, Volcanic Rock, and Only Want You For Your Body). All three have been reissued on the Australian label, Aztec Music.

Now Ripple Music has unleashed a killer live album, teaming up with Buffalo Revisited performing Volcanic Rock in its entirety. Alongside Dave Tice, the line-up of Revisited considers; Steve Lorkin on Bass Guitar, Troy Scerri on Guitar, and Marcus Fraser on Drums.

Recorded at the Bald Faced Stag Hotel which has been around since 1830, it’s one of the oldest pubs in Sydney. And for Buffalo Revisited, it is the perfect venue to have audience who have followed the original band during its heyday, and a new generation of young audiences to discover their music for the first time and understand why they were ahead of their time.

From the moment ‘Sunrise (Come My Way)’ kicks the album off, you feel this impulsive energy inside the pub as audiences cheers for Tice as he lends his roaring vocals to be a part of the journey. With its brutal riffs and pounding drum work between Troy and Marcus, you can just close your eyes and revision the vibes of Obscure prog legends Raw Material’s 1971 debut of Time Is, and Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper’.


It’s a homecoming momentum for Dave Tice after the song is completed. He introduces the band before going into a slowed-down yet sludge-like approach with Steve’s hypnotic bass lines swinging back and forth as Troy lays down some middle-eastern vibes for the ‘Freedom’ to begin.

Dave lays down the law once more with some reverbing touches inside the pub with a theme tackling the subject on the fight for liberty and justice. I felt a little tug to Stone Temple Pilots’ ‘Dead and Bloated’ coming to mind. And the way they played the second track, it is almost like a powder keg ready to erupt.

But once they preach the heavy gospel blues for ‘Til My Death’, they get cookin’ like no other! You can imagine the pub is transformed into a rockin’ church that Buffalo created inside the venue by preaching to the audience like there’s no tomorrow.

From its Beefheart-sque opening riff in the styles of ‘Upon the My-O-My’ on Unconditionally Guaranteed begins, ‘The Prophet’ does have that nod to The Spotlight Kid himself, Don Van Vliet. I imagine Tice tips his hat to Beefheart in this song by traveling down to the Mississippi Delta, and the Mojave Desert.

Closing it out is ‘Pound of Flesh / Shylock’. Here, they bring the audiences home with a standstill as they prepare blast-off with some thrashing riffs and bits of Budgie thrown into the mix. You can hear audiences singing to ‘Shylock’ following the closing sections of the composition and giving the pub a killer send-off.

Volcanic Rock Live is the ultimate live album and a perfect introduction to discover Buffalo’s music. It has passion, power, and electricity that is evidential from the moment you put this album on. Not only that, but you are cheering for them and letting them know that they are the real deal. So if you’re new to the band’s sound, this is worth checking out!

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