Surrendering Nina by Mint June

Release date: January 31, 2022
Label: Self-Released

Getting noticed in the currently very crowded field of modern electronic music, whatever genre it is, is quite an arduous task for an artist these days.

Whether it is techno, ambient, downtempo or any other genre or sub-genre, you don’t just need to make good music, you need to have a lot of courage and persistence to stick out. Oh, and a bit of good luck to get noticed on the myriad of streaming service, social media or whatever. 

And if you’re going at it as an independent artist, that courage and persistence probably has to be tripled.

That is exactly the situation Los Angeles-based electronic artist Jeremy Jung, aka Mint June finds himself at the moment he releases his second EP, Surrendering Nina.


After a string of singles mixes and his debut EP ‘test 1,’ with Surrendering Nina Mint June fully shows his hand.  He’s trying to cover quite a vast ground of techno, house, downtempo, industrial, even venturing into imaginary film scores.

But if currently his films scores might be imaginary, soon he might find himself in making real ones, because tracks like “Montage” here on Surrendering Nina just might fit some fast-paced action movie, with dance floor looming in the shadows.

Closer ‘Nina’ on the other hand, goes into the darker territory of late night thrillers.

Whatever Jung does next, he has the capability to come up with some excellent electronic music, he just needs a bit more preserving, courage, and possibly dream-reading of his potential audience, like that famous psychologist with whom he shares his last name.

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