It’s Murky Gray by Port Nasim

Release date: February 8, 2022
Label: Battersea Alternative Music

For many progressive rock fans, the term means crossing the boundaries of different musical genres, but still sticking to such combinations that the greats of the genre like Pink Floyd or Jethro Tull came up back in the early seventies.

Yet, some modern purveyors of the genre have a much wider outlook and what should be brought in into their progressive mix.

To that effect, Italy and Germany were continuously a hotbed of prog rock and has recently produced some of the most forward-thinking prog bands around, that don’t shy away from sticking to traditional prog, but also bringing in new elements in combinations that have not been tried to many times so far.

We can now add to that more adventurous list the Italo-German combination that goes under the name of Port Nasim and their latest offering It’s Murky Gray.

What started out as a prog/hard rock power trio back in 2011, has now turned into a truly forward-thinking duo (Frank Schilbach, vocals, guitars, keyboards and  Jörg Lenuweit,  bass, keyboards) with the help of some good friends that combines what some would consider ‘standard’ prog rock with alternative and grunge rock that ranges in influences everywhere and anywhere from Rush and Jethro Tull to Dinosaur Jr. and The Replacements, and you can fill in the other blanks as you go along.

While it sounds like a combination that can fall apart at any moment, it is fully held in control by excellent instrumentation and some exuberant vocals by Shilbach that range anywhere between Jonathan Richman from his Modern Lovers phase and Paul Westerberg at his most shambolic.

They all fill it with intermittent violins and mellotrons to boot and female background vocals courtesy of Chiara Giacobbe, resulting in one of the more intriguing prog/alternative rock combinations to pop up recently.

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