Blurry by RIP Swirl

Release date: February 25, 2022
Label: Public Possession

Since everybody is practically making up their own music categories these days, how about yet another one – thinking person’s dance music?

Well, what would that be anyway? The music that you can think about or to while you dance, or music you feel like dancing to while you’re deep in your thoughts? Or maybe both?

Not that artists like Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) haven’t been there before, but a guy originally from Hamburg and now based in Berlin who goes under the moniker of RIP Swirl (Luca to close friends, and known as Luka Seifert to his parents) is trying to up the ante a bit there with Blurry, his debut album.

Actually, add to that ‘thought’ thing a very detailed thought process when composing, structuring and playing your music, something that just unveils itself slowly as a relatively long list of tracks on this album play on.


Luca, whose been weaned on piano and guitar since very young, doesn’t seem to repeat himself once here -from the obviously dancey coda of ‘Alone Awake’ to the slow, hazy tone and guest female vocals on ‘Blue Moon’.

The dance and thought elements somehow keep going hand in hand here, one never dominating the other and Luca constantly changing pace and tome of his compositions.

Combine all that with the fact that Seifert essentially does his main recording on a cassette tape machine, eliminating or actually incorporating that familiar hiss in the process.

What we essentially get here is one of the more original releases of the year so far, the one that keeps begging for repeat listens. It might be called ‘Blurry,’ but it has a very clear musical vision.

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