Music for Quiet Moments by Robert Fripp

Release date: November 19, 2021
Label: DGM

To paraphrase Robert Fripp on the term ‘Quiet Moment’, “Quiet moments are when we put time aside to be quiet. Sometimes quiet moments find us. Quiet may be experienced with sound, and also through sound; in a place we hold to be sacred, or maybe in a subway train hurtling towards Piccadilly or Times Square.

Two years ago after everything came to a screeching halt with the Pandemic hit in March, Fripp decided to upload the first 52 individual soundscapes on his YouTube channel. Once a week, Music For Quiet Moments appeared not only on his page, but on the DGM website, and music streaming platforms.

And the pieces that are on this 8-CD box set, creates a vibe of calm, reflections in time, and encouraging some ambition. You feel Fripp’s presence as he lends in these meditating textures for relaxation. Most of the pieces were from venues such as Churches, G3 (Satriani, Vai, and Fripp), opening for Porcupine Tree during their Deadwing tour, and The Big Chill festival.

Listening to this set, gives you a sense of moving away from the panic that is happening in the outside world, finally being at either your house or apartment to get away from the craziness, and being relaxed of the quiet arrangements that Fripp has brought to his kitchen table.

When I think of the pieces, ranging from; ‘Gentlescape’, ‘At the End of Time’, the 3-part ‘Elegy’ suite on disc four, and the two-parter ‘Strong Quiet’, I think of Klaus Schulze’s Irrlicht. You can vision Robert writing the arrangements for an Orchestra in Belgium, giving each member ideas on where he wants the compositions to go into.

There is some emotional boundaries that brings to mind the visuals of Terje Rypdal, and Fripp’s collaborator, Brian Eno. It not only grabs you, but it hits you in the gut whenever he hits those high notes by bending the strings and sends a message for peace in Eastern Europe.


‘Drifting Gently’ from Chattanooga on February, 2006, is a sign of relief. He makes the soundscapes fill in the voids inside the gothic cathedrals to let his audience and listeners know, that the next sunrise will fill over the horizon.

And a brand new day will come across for a better tomorrow. ‘Time Calls’ has some Philip Glass motifs in the piece. I can imagine Robert had written this in a parallel universe for an extended composition for Reggio’s The Qatsi Trilogy or the computer animated 1997 short, Planetary Traveler.

But the seventh disc of the Paris recording from September 22, 2015 of ‘Elegy’ clocks in at 44 minutes. It is a Zen turned emotional composition by clearing your mind throughout the pain and suffering you went through as a child.

There are moments of time throughout the ‘Elegy’ section where the soundscapes have transformed once more into an orchestral string section. It is sad, loving, and tugging your heart momentum until the very end. Music for Quiet Moments is a ruminating box set that will make your mind clear from what’s is going happening today, and the years to come.

Robert has helped his listeners ignore the noises that they see images on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, and FOX News by turning the TV off, and get a chance to think of the moments that is happening inside their head. It’s one of those sets that isn’t just a Zen release, but a perfect combination for sleep music that you need whenever you are ready to go to bed.

And the music throughout the craftsmanship, is a continuing experience.

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