When the Blazing Sun is Gone by The Glass Pavilion

Release date: January 7, 2022
Label: Little Lights Recordings

Five years ago, Ashley Owens ruptured his aneurysm inside his brain causing a near-fatal hemorrhage. He survived. But after what happened to him, He stopped playing guitar after a slight coordination problem with his right hand. He then decided to move forward into this bedroom style of recording with his project, The Glass Pavilion. What Owens did for his blueprint, is to create this atmospheric beauty that is like a day in the life of someone else living in the modern world, trying to get away from the big massive cities, and somewhere that’s quiet.

Taken its name from the English lullaby ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’, When the Blazing Sun is Gone is the exact opposite of an alternate soundtrack brought to life. Recorded during the pandemic in the autumn of 2020 and in the summer of 2021 at Owens kitchen table using his laptop, mini MIDI keyboard, smartphone, and a pair of headphones, Owens is our storyteller.


He takes listeners in this imaginative story by taking us into a small little town in the middle of Castle Combe by living in this reclusive area as the arrangements fill up this mourning segment. You feel an instant sadness, but relived to move out into the country and finally living an atmosphere filled with tranquility.

Most of the time it could be a car-riding journey, mellotron-like sounds, rain dropping compositions, and structures to watch the Northern Lights in late September. You can tell that Ashley took inspirations of Sigur Ros, Eno’s Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, and Steven Wilson’s ‘Drive Home’ for brainstorming ideas.

He has done his homework very well to bring this album to life. It is quite a listenable release that Owens has unleashed. He brings all of these visual ideas to make you feel relaxed. When the Blazing Sun is Gone is like standing on your big massive toe by stepping forwards, not knowing where the next chapter will be for you.

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