Crease by Kee Avil

Release date: March 11, 2022
Label: Constellation Records

It is a combination that has been working for adventurous listeners for years –  Montreal’s Constellation label and a new artist that comes up with an exciting album completely out of the blue. Or left-field, if you prefer.

This time around it is Vicky Mettler, another Montreal artist (guitarist/vocalist/producer), that operates under the moniker of Kee Avil and her debut album Crease.

Picking up on disparate pieces left around by the likes of Arto Lindsay, Scot Walker, A Certain Ratio, James Chance and quite a few others, even the late avant-garde jazz guitarist Derek Bailey, Mettler goes practically in all of these directions, but still manages to maintain a singular musical vision.


Now, many listeners would be put off by the avant-garde tag that comes up to mind when connected with any and all of the above artists, but the thing is, Mettler comes up with experimental music that practically anybody can listen to. Oh, and enjoy along the way, while munching on it as food for thought, something Mettler, aka Kee Avil would expect you to do.

Like Lindsay or Bailey, Mettler doesn’t seem to hit a single straight note on her guitar, but is able to make dissonant sound melodious, as she puts it in the foil of her excellent vocals and some sophisticated electronic embellishments, like on the opener ‘See, my shadow’, ‘Drying’, or anywhere else on the album.

‘Crease’ might be a debut album for Kee Avil, but it sounds mature and fully rounded, making you wonder where Mettler will take us next.

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