Release date: April 8, 2022
Label: Saddle Creek

Turning your music into a mashup as such is not exactly a brand-new thing. On surface, it might seem a simple thing to do, but there are so many things that can go wrong there, particularly if you are trying to mash up genres and styles through your own, original music.

Very few musicians have come up with something substantial there, Fog is one name that comes to mind here.

But things being difficult to do shouldn’t prevent inventive artists to take that route, and Los Angeles-via-Oakland musician PENDANT certainly had the courage to do so on Harp, his latest (second) album.


PENDANT, aka Chris Adams, certainly doesn’t like, and definitely doesn’t stick to just one musical genre. Using rave and hip-hop as his backbone he goes through all shapes and forms of electronics, but references shoegaze (seems like a big My Bloody Valentine fan, rightfully so) and ‘regular’ pop throughout the album.

What could have ended up as a complete disaster, and just a pile of different musical parts that don’t sum up to a whole, turns out to be a surprisingly unified musical concept that works.

Part of the reason Harp works may lie in the fact that Adams obviously not only loves, but really understands all the musical genres he weaves in here, particularly evident on tracks like ‘LED Headrush’ and ‘Sabotage’.

Whether Adams will continue refining this brew he has concocted on Harp or will go somewhere else, one thing is certain – it will be definitely something intriguing. 

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