Warping All By Yourself by Wet Tuna

Release date: April 8, 2022
Label: Three Lobed Recordings

Oh, the stuff coming from Three Lobed Recordings. An off the cuff description could be – keeping up the usual with the unusual.

It basically always has to be something that it at least three degrees removed from any standard genre or style, from the artists to the music those artists come up with. In this case, it is one of those artists that seem never to repeat themselves, but still come up with a recognizable thread within their music, Matt ‘MV’ Valentine and his latest spin on all things psychedelic, his Wet Tuna project and their latest venture titled Warping All By Yourself.

Essentially, it is Valentine’s re-think of what a jam band should sound like, with psych pedal down, or up, (whichever way you prefer) to the max. 


The project has been ongoing for five years now in various configurations. This time around, along with the usual cast of collaborators (Samara Lubelski, Erika “ee” Elder, Mick Flower and Doc Dunn) it is basically Valentine doing it on his own.

From the elongated, folkish opener ‘Raw Food,’ through Can-like krautrock vision of what funk should sound like of ‘Ain’t No Turnin’ Back’, or touches of soul all-around (try Sly Stone variations of ‘Sweet Chump Change’), to anything that tackles your psych fancy, Valentine tries it out on the seven tracks here.

And as somebody who has heard it all, played it all and still  with abundance of imagination, Valentine manages to come up with something actually new and fresh. Oh, and extremely listenable, as usual.

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