January 22 by Whitbeck

Release date: April 15, 2022
Label: Self-Released

Vancouver can be certainly called as an inspiring music center, as it has been coming up with some exceptional artists time and again.

Greg Whitbeck is not such an unknown name to those who have been following the Canadian music scene a bit more closely. Whitbeck is former Morning Maker, Tourist and Shining Hour guitarist and songwriter and two time CFOX Seeds winner.

This time around he has decided to come up with a new project simply titled Whitbeck, and January 22 is the quartet’s (Greg Whitbeck – vocals, guitars, piano, Sean Dillon – guitars, background vocals, Mario Loubert – bass, background vocals and Shiraz Mohammed – drums) debut album.


On surface, this might seem just as your ‘standard’ indie rock project based on the grunge explosion of the nineties, with all the updates that came along the way.

Yet, for such music to be worth the listener’s time, you need to have a deep understanding of it, some thorough, detailed playing and vocals and, of course, a personal touch that would give it that distinctive element.

Throughout January 22, Whitbeck and his co-guitarist Sam Dillon valiantly carry the story, with no less contribution from their obviously seasoned rhythm section. Add to that Whitbeck’s vocals that often get close to the better side of Eddie Vedder, and you easily get that tough-edge indie rock that still has freshness in its grooves.

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