Vanishing Act by Benny Bock

Release date: June 10, 2022
Label: Colorfield Records

How many times did you hear or read the term ‘“cinematic” tied to a piece or an album of instrumental music? How many times did that term and music actually match?

Of course, that is much easier said than done. In many cases, such music has heavy jazz and/or classical music overtones, tries to create or match certain visual images with music, but quite often misses the mark as far as the mood, landscape or scene it really or fictionally tries to follow, or even the quality of that music is concerned.

Now, here’s Vanishing Act, a debut album by Los Angeles keyboardist Benny Bock that can certainly fall into that cinematic category. 

Whether it was Bock’s intention to go for that type of sound is beside the point. Throughout the album, he is able to create visual images with his music, quite easily and vividly, seemingly without trying too hard.


Yet, making it sound easy is probably one of the hardest things to do, but Bock obviously is able to do so, by combining his obvious jazz and classical inspirations by adding to them subtle folk and electronic elements throughout.

“As a whole, the album speaks to the interaction of rural and urban landscapes,” Bock explains. “I was just coming back to LA from my studies at Oberlin Conservatory in the Midwest when I started making the record, so that transition was a big thing on my mind. I incorporated a lot of open, pastoral motifs that bump up against jagged, fast-paced sounds.”

And frankly, Bock is able to support his words by some quite intriguing music and sounds that certainly gives credibility to that ‘cinematic’ term as a description of his music. Definitely not a vanishing, but an appearing act.

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