Golden Feelings by Golden Feelings

Release date: June 3, 2022
Label: Impermanent Records

Golden Feelings is one Dustin Krcatovich, who recorded his debut album in the former basement hot tub room of a creaky 125-year-old house in Ypsilanti, Michigan— and as his PR says, “childhood home of Iggy Pop, current home to the most phallic building in the United States.”

Although this is dubbed as a debut album, Krcatovich worked under the Skin Lies moniker, recording for a number of labels and sharing the stage with the likes of Benoît Pioulard, and Amulets, among others.

Yet, the music Krcatovich comes up here probably has more to do with Munich or Berlin, that kosmischemusik stream of krautrock, than with any of the phallic or other excesses Iggy Pop is known for throughout his career.


Actually, all the music on this Golden Feelings debut is elongated, drifting, electronic notes that have more with soothing, relaxation and space travel that excess of any kind. 

Krcatovich’s excursions with all the wide, spacious sounds they create actually use a limited array of instrumentation – guitar, effect pedals, desiccated tape loops, and a Casio VL-1 VL Tone, the chintzy monophonic synth famously utilized in Trio’s 1981 hit ‘Da Da Da’. 

Even with such a limited instrumental scope, Krcatovich is able to create some intriguing sounds that at the same time remind, and don’t sound like any of the kosmichemusik greats krautrock fans are usually excited about. 

Should they get excited about Golden Feelings? Certainly.

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