Construction by Tomato Flower

Release date: August 5, 2022
Label: Ramp Local

For those unfamiliar with Baltimore quartet Tomato Flower, the fact that they’ve recently toured with Animal Collective, should be one telling sign what kind of music they can expect on their second EP Construction.

Actually, that telling sign doesn’t have much to do with the sound of Animal Collective, but with the fact that potential listeners should expect some sort of skewed up, left-field take on both pop and rock, with touches of avant-garde sounds from all over the musical spectrum.

If comparisons are in order, think more in the direction of some advanced sounds coming from the other side of the Atlantic – Stereolab, Broadcast, and as far out to the left field as This Heat.


Yet, Tomato Flower wouldn’t be an American band if they didn’t incorporate something from their side of the ocean – like the intricate Beach Boys-like harmonies of ‘Blue’ taken at not so Beach Boys-like tempos.

Essentially, if you really need some sort of label for the music Tomato Flower are coming up with, you can use the term that has been thrown at so many artists currently without serious merit – future pop.

Well, with Tomato Flower you can use it with true merit, as the band seem to go through a very meticulous process of writing and recording the songs here and actually come up with music that was seriously constructed. With excellent reason and results.

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