Tough Baby by Crack Cloud

Release date: September 16, 2022
Label: Tin Angel Records

Basing your music on the hard, dark parts of your life is of course a common occurrence. Yet, whether such music works depends on not only the artists’ emotional involvement in the situation(s) they are describing but also on their ability to transform that emotion into credible and engaging music.

Vancouver collective Crack Cloud and their latest (second) album Tough Baby can definitely be placed among those trying to describe their darker life experiences through music and their emotional involvement in them.

To both, present those experiences and what they meant to them the collective started musically in the pre-‘Remain In Light’ Talking Heads territory, but expanded their musical palette into a much wider and more current musical territory, often getting close to Broken Social Scene in concept and intensity.


Lyrically, Crack Cloud start out with their adolescent experiences, trying to draw out some more general conclusions about our existence.

As they explain, “Our body of work has been largely informed by some of the darker chapters in our lives; we’ve taken a moment to examine beyond that in Tough Baby. The potency of the imagination, the magic and mystery of our world and its history from an adolescent gaze. We wanted to fall in love with our craft again by recalling the mysticism of our youth.”

Frankly, quite a tall order, but Crack Cloud manage to transform their ideas, both musical and lyrical into some quite credible post-punk/post-new wave musical experiences.

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