Novella by Mr. Grossman

Release date: August 26, 2022
Label: Self-Released

What kind of a label can you give to music that ranges from mixed chorus to blues and trip hop and a few jazz/jazz-rock places along the way?

Well, maybe a modern prog would be a suitable name, and that is what California artist Mark S Grossman, aka Mr Grossman, is offering us on his latest mini, 4-track album titled Novella.

Yet, instead of long-winding instrumental passages, Grossman keeps his musical offerings here within the brief, melodic song structures, where ‘the devil’ is actually in the detail, meaning his songs do not include the usual pop patterns but cover wide musical ground. His musical reference range from Steely Dan and soul artists to classical music easter eggs (Duruflé and Brahms).

This could often be a tricky process, where the artist can end up with a trip up, instead of trip-hop, but it turns out that Grossman knows how to build up a song that has both a head and a tail and sound good at the same time.

Lyrically, Grossman seems to describe the songs here as “stories about people dealing with past love, needing courage, comfort, and closure,” and he covers these stories with a cool, late-night vibe that fits them equally well.

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