Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam by The Comet Is Coming

Release date: September 23, 2022
Label: Impulse Records

How do you truly integrate jazz into current dancefloor-oriented electronic music?

London trio The Comet Is Coming, or more precisely, DANALOGUE (Dan Leavers), SHABAKA (Shabaka Hutchings), and BETAMAX (Max Hallett), have already shown how it is done. That is why they have probably decided to push the boundaries a few steps further in that respect on their latest offering Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam.

Of course, they don’t make it as straightforward as just a jazz/dance floor combination but throw in anything as it suits their fancy at the moment from the punk intensity to spaced-out psych explorations as a cross between Sun Ra and Hawkwind.


And as the name of the trio explicitly states, they’re doing it all with the intensity as if the comet is eventually coming, even when they slow it down for a bit, like on ‘Lucid Dreamer’ here.

That intensity is underlined by the fact that the trio embarked on a four-day-long recording process guided by personal synergy among the players with loosely composed passages thrown into the controlled chaos of combining structure with improvisation.

Even those already aware of what The Comet Is Coming are capable of the tightness, intuitiveness and further pushing of boundaries the trio exhibit here can be a (pleasant) surprise.

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