One by Adriaan Swerts

Release date: October 28, 2022
Label: Piano And Coffee Records

Artists often create very intimate music that they initially think is so personal that it should not be released. At some point, though, usually spearheaded by a life-changing circumstance(es) they change their opinion and decide to share those, intimate, personal sounds with the rest of the world.

It seems that such life-changing circumstances made Belgian sound artist, producer and composer Adriaan Swerts change his mind about his ever-growing set of very personal music and actually release them as his actual debut album, One.

For Swerts it was a life-threatening accident – which caused his disability –and the passing of a very close family member that brought us this collection of truly intimate, almost fragile post-classical and ambient music with a heavy focus on sounds from nature.


Now, those sounds from nature can, when used by composers can be often so prominent that they could be distracting for many listeners. Yet, for Swerts they are more of an inspiration than something that has to be really heard. He leaves their presence more to the imagination of the listener.

As can be presumed, One is full of languid, almost melancholic sounds, whereas ‘Saudade’ (an emotional state of conspicuous melancholic or profoundly nostalgic longing for something) or ‘Translucence’ are actual giveaways to where Swerts is heading here.

Yet Swerts creates his music without overt pathos, it is all subdued, or even more so, sublime.

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