Galactic Fuzz by Galactic Fuzz

Release date: October 28, 2022
Label: Self-Released

Naming your band Galactic Fuzz gives quite an obvious suggestion of where your music is coming from, as well as going.

So sure, this Miami trio of Javier Guell (songwriter, vocals, guitar), Jorge García (bass) and Ricardo Mere (drums) love their psych rock from its inception to anything that is going within this genre these days.

Yet, on the evidence of their self-titled debut that is not the sole modern music genre they love. You can actually hear almost anything remotely tied to rock music – from the more ‘classic rock sounds to a melodic alternative such as Brit-pop.


There might be quite a bit of galactic connections here, like on the lead single ‘Transparent’, but actually very little fuzz. There are though some nifty vocal harmonies all around (‘Do What You Can’, for example) and some excellent guitar work from Guell (throughout the album).

As the main songwriter, Guell also exhibits a very good sense of how to combine various stylistic elements so that there is some “rhyme and reason” in the music Galactic Fuzz creates.

Essentially, Galactic Fuzz came up with an excellent debut of a coherent set of melodic psych that touches on other genres with ease.

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