Interview: Screamer

I feel everything is ten steps in the right direction and that was our plan with everything making this album.

Screamer have just brought out their latest metal opus Kingmaker and it sees the bands heavy metal anthems reach new grandiose heights (check out our review here). Gavin Brown caught up with Screamer guitarist Dejan Rosic to hear all about Kingmaker, Screamer live and Swedish metal.

E&D: Your new album Kingmaker is out now. You must be excited to be getting this album out there to your fans?

Dejan: Definitely! The album has been finished for over a year now and now that it’s out and everyone can finally enjoy it is both a relief and a joy.

E&D: This is your first album since 2019’s Highway Of Heroes. How much has changed with Screamer since then?

Dejan: The two biggest are that our guitar player Anton Fingal left the band and fortunately Jon Morheim joined us. Jon is a guy me and our drummer Henrik Petersson have know for a long time and Jon was an obvious choice when we decided to bring in a new guy. His talent and chops were perfect and he’s a great fit for bringing the band to the next level. The second thing is us signing with Steamhammer/SPV and starting to work with them. I feel everything is ten steps in the right direction and that was our plan with everything making this album.

E&D: Was the making of an album a smooth process?

Dejan: Is it ever?! Me and Henrik did the foundation of the songs early 2021 and then our singer Andreas Wikström started laying down his magic shortly after that. We did a weekend of pre production with Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor studios in spring. Shortly after that Anton decided to leave and in the summer Jon joined. When Jon joined the album was “almost” finished but Jon stepped up to the plate and helped us get it done!

E&D: How have the new songs been received so far?

Dejan: It’s been good I have to say. The best thing and the thing that makes me the most happy is that everyone seems to have a different favourite song on the album and that’s a good thing.

E&D: What are Screamer’s touring plans for 2023?

Dejan: We are heading out with Canadian legends Skull Fist across Europe in April so check our website and socials for dates, and of course when the world tour starts we will play as much as we can wherever we can!

E&D: You released the live album Live Sacrifice a couple of years ago. Fo you feel it captures the power of Screamer live and have you got plans for another one in the future?

Dejan: I do, playing live has always been a big part of this band and we are road dogs and love touring. So Live Sacrifice does capture the raw energy of Screamer from that period. If we will do another live album or not, I can’t really say yes or no but  if we feel it’s right, why not.


E&D: What are some of your favourite ever live albums?

Dejan: Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous is one that is definitely a favourite. Iron Maiden – Rock in Rio is one that has spun at many pre party’s and nowadays I’ve enjoyed Steven Wilson’s live album Home Invasion In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

E&D: What have been some of the most memorable gigs that Screamer have played over the years?

Dejan: So many haha! The most recent one I enjoyed a lot was the one at Hells Heroes festival in Houston 2022!

E&D: Who are the best live acts you’ve ever seen?

Dejan: When I saw Iron Maiden the first time was an awesome experience. But the ones I hold dearest are the once at the old punk place Café 1 in our hometown Ljungby during my formative years.

E&D: How is the Swedish metal scene in the present day and what bands are you loving at the moment?

Dejan: It’s strong. Many bands are doing well. In our area Småland I feel the heavy metal scene is especially strong with good fest as Muskelrock, Noselake Metal festival and of course our own festival TurboFest that’s making a comeback March 31st – April 1st.

E&D: Who are some do your favourite ever Swedish metal bands?

Dejan: Europe, At The Gates, Bullet, Candlemass, and the list goes on!

E&D: What other newer heavy metal bands from around the globe have been impressing you recently?

Dejan: No doubt Unto Others, what they have been doing  for their two latest album is just fantastic and they have something big cooking if you ask me!

E&D: What have been some of the highlights of your time with Screamer so far?

Dejan: The biggest highlight is that we still after ten years are able to tour and make records.

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