Tribulator by Enmesher

Release date: September 12, 2022
Label: Self-Released

It’s quite a delicious taste by having these crazy textures coming at you from one corner to another. But this Norwegian trio are taking it a step further by exploring this massive crystal ball and unveiling a tightrope universe of alternative, pop, progressive, and world music on this Etch-A-Sketch they’ve unveiled.

That band is Enmesher. Their latest album Tribulator released last year, and a follow-up to their 2014 debut Mizhmazh, is an eccentric bubble waiting to explode at any second. The band considers vocalist Trine Trollmannskog, Hennig Eidem on drums, keyboards, samples, and vocals, and Susanna Calvert on guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals.

The wah-wah swirl of an ascended climb on ‘Insular’ is like looking up to the sky and witnessing the true beauty of nature in all of its glory. I hear some Bowie-like textures and Björk-sque sections that are in hot pursuit and hitting your stomach with a hardcore punch. It can be unexpected, but its right to the core like no other.

‘Running Like a Rabbit’ sees Enmesher, traveling towards Belew city as it has a hoppity-hoppity stomp with Henning and Susanna creating intense temperature levels channeling The Police’s Synchronicity-era while ‘Measured by the Killing Sun’ takes you into the clock-ticking tunnel vision of this extreme hot-like circle, as it becomes this massive, giant ball of plasma, ready to attack at any second.

The call of the ancient gods throughout the opening title-track offers a call-and-response sound with operatic voices, Native American drum circles, hypnotic blue skies, and creating more dangerous labyrinths that Enmesher have created. ‘Cochlea’ closes the album by maintaining the insanity that await the inmates taking over the asylum and letting the refugees be free from all of the chaos that’s happening.

Throughout the militant drum work, the bloody aftermaths of each gruesome kill, and ascending midsections, there’s a small glimpse of the cavalry coming in, and bringing peace to the city. This is a very good release that Enmesher have brought to the table where they’ve unleashed some hell.

Not only that, but breaking the rule book and adding enough fuel to the fire and going batshit crazy!

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