Violation of Terms And Conditions by Get Out

Release date: January 5, 2023
Label: Self-Released

Looking at the cover and reading the band name (Get Out) and title  (Violation of Terms and Conditions) of the latest album by the Los Angeles quartet Get Out, any listener can be sure that they in front of them they have, or, that they are confronting a punk, neo-punk, post-punk, or any other name connected to punk you want to give it.

Taking a listen (or any number of listens) just confirms that first impression – hooks abound, so do heavy, pummelling guitars and rhythms and rebellious lyrics all over the place. So a question remains to be resolved here – is this punk any good or not?

Luckily for the fans of the genre, it is the former, In a way, it is no wonder, since Ian Robbins (lead vocals/guitar), Luis Castro (backing vocals/guitar), Angel Vera (backing vocals/bass guitar), and Chris Rios (drums, along with some backing vocals support here) have been at it since the mid-nineties and with eight albums under their belt so far.


In the meantime, Get Out might have honed their musical capabilities, but they obviously haven’t given up on their love for expressing those capabilities through any form of punk, so well exhibited here.

Explaining the album’s name, the band says: “When we released our last album We Were Here First in 2019 it was taken off Apple Music after one week because Apple claimed our album art “violated the terms and conditions”. After we changed the artwork and resubmitted, Apple Music listed it as metal (it is not) and placed it under a different artist of the same name (we’ve had this name since 1994). We have tried to contact our distributor as well as Apple music so many times and no one will respond to us about it.

While this is the album’s central theme, Get Out obviously has a hefty social consciousness, evidenced throughout this ‘pure’ (if there is such a thing) punk album.

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